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Wassily Kandinsky on display in Milan

2017 announces to be a great year for art lovers and museum goers currently living in Piedmont or coming our way. Milan – by my humble opinion the cultural capital of this part of Italy (Torinese, don’t shoot the messenger, I’m merely stating a fact) – expects tourists by the thousands this year, too, since it prepares some of the most interesting exhibitions in the country. Starting this spring, we can enjoy:

Keith Haring, Untitled (against family violence) (1989)
Keith Haring, Untitled (against family violence) (1989)
  1. ”Kandinskij, the Knight-Errant” – from March 15th until July 9th, at MUDEC; the exhibition focuses on the relationship between the Russian painter’s art and his propensity for science, with exploration and travel functioning as leitmotifs of his own existence.
  2. Edouard Manet, The balcony (1868-1869)
    Edouard Manet, The balcony (1868-1869)

    ”Keith Haring – About Art” – from February 20th to June 18th, at Palazzo Real; aims at introducing, for the first time here in Italy, the entire artistic production of this unusual trend-setter and the different causes he embraced as an activist.

  3. Edouard Manet and the Paris of his time – from March 8th until July 2nd, also at Palazzo Reale; the event features some of the artist’s masterpieces currently on display at Museé D’Orsay and depicting some of the elements which transformed Paris into the city we know (and love) today.