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Do you know that giddy feeling when you know for sure that something great is just around the corner? Well, brace yourself, you’re going to have it too!

Hokusai, 36 Views of Mount Fuji - No. 32 - Fisherman and a child
Hokusai, 36 Views of Mount Fuji – No. 32 – Fisherman and a child

There’s a Hokusai Exhibition coming to Milan this fall, and I cannot wait to go there. The event’s full name is “HOKUSAI, HIROSHIGE, UTAMARO. Settings and Faces of Japan that Seduced the West” and it will be housed at Palazzo Reale from September 22nd 2016 to January 29th 2017. The display includes over 200 polychrome woodcuts and illustrated books executed in the tradition of ukyio-e from the prestigious collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art, and belongs to a series of events organized across Italy in order to celebrate 150 years of the cultural, economical, and political relations with Japan. Continue Reading

HELMUT NEWTON ON DISPLAY IN GENOVA – until January 22nd, 2017

Helmut Newton, Self Portrait with Wife and Models, Vogue Studio, Paris 1981

“Any photographer who says he’s not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar.” (Helmut Newton)

Helmut Newton, Saddle I, from Sleepless Nights, Paris 1976 (detail)
Helmut Newton, Saddle I, from Sleepless Nights, Paris 1976 (detail)

This time, I’m not sending you off to  Milan, to Aosta Valley, or, for that matter, to France. If this fall you feel a little blue and you’re longing for some color and some spice, get to the Ligurian Sea. You might enjoy the brand new Helmut Newton Exhibition housed by Palazzo Ducale in Genova from September 9th, 2016 to January 22nd, 2017. Continue Reading


Museum of Criminal Anthropology, Turin

What makes a murderer? Can crime and criminal behavior really be predicted? Well, no, I’m not trying to sell you yet another spin-off of Philip K. Dick’s (or, for that matter, Spielberg’s) “Minority Report”, nor do I wish to engage into a hot debate concerning humanity’s penchant for violence. My only intention is that of bringing to your attention one of Turin’s hidden gems: the Museum of Criminal Anthropology “Cesare Lombroso”. Next time when you visit Turin, take a peek inside its fascinating (and at times quite creepy) halls. Continue Reading

FACES OF WAR THROUGH THE EYES OF WOMEN – Palazzo Madama, from October 7th to January 16th, 2017

Camille Lepage, Sudan

After the huge success of the now-almost-ended Marilyn Monroe exhibitionPalazzo Madama dedicates yet another event to the miracle of femininity and its many shapes and expressions. This time, we’re talking about a more serious topic, closer to our present reality: a photography exhibition entitled “On the Front Line. Women Photojournalists in War Zones”, on display from October 7th to January 16th, 2017. It features 70 captions from the work of some of the most important female photojournalists sent to document, with empathy and compassion, the many faces of the wars breaking to pieces the so-called “third world”: Gaza, Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, South Sudan, Central African Republic etc. Continue Reading

GET CLASSICAL AT THE MITO CONCERTS – all September long, in Turin and Milan

MITO 2016 in Turin and Milan

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the internationally famous MITO SettembreMusica Festival, which fills both Turin and Milan with music savvy visitors and classical music and romanticism and dreamy atmosphere. This year the festival lasts from September 2nd to September 22nd and revolves around the timely theme “Fathers and Sons”; featuring creations covering over 800 years of music, it concentrates upon not only famous lineages, but also on artistic heritage shared by mutual interest and affinities. Melomaniacs will get in touch with the evolution of classical music, its impact upon our daily mundane lives and the various links existing between composers from different ages and styles. Continue Reading


Elliott Erwitt, Finger Up the Nose - self portrait (2009) (MAGNUM PHOTOS)

I recently found out there is another important photography exhibition not to be missed when in (or about) Turin. The die-hard fans of Magnum Photos and black and white pieces can put on their dancing shoes and revel in the news,  there is a magnificent and very comprising Elliott Erwitt Retrospective happening these days, open until November 13th.

Continue Reading

M.C. ESCHER EXHIBITION – June 24th, 2016 to January 22nd, 2017, Milan, Palazzo Reale

M.C. Escher, Hand with Reflecting Sphere

“Those who wonder discover that this in itself is a wonder.” (M.C. Escher)

I know, I know, Milan is not Turin. Still, it is only one hour and a half away, either by car or by train. And it’s worth it.

One of Milan’s finest, also close to the Dome and to the Scala Theatre, Palazzo Reale houses these days an event dedicated to M.C. Escher and to his impossible realities, featuring more than 200 pieces of his woodart, lithographs, and mezzotints. Continue Reading