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”You find only what you already know and you understand only what you’ve already learned…”  (Franco Fontana)

There is a brand-new photography exhibition in town, and it fully deserves the 8 EURO entrance fee, and many many times more!!! Palazzo Madama’s Medieval Court, right at the very heart of Turin, houses – from July 13th until October 23rd, 2017 – the colorful ”Franco Fontana. Landscapes” Exhibition.

The exhibition is curated by photography expert Walter Guadagnini, Director of CAMERA – Italian Center for the Photography of Turin – and comprises twenty-five large format images borrowed from the UniCredit Art Collection, one of the biggest corporate collections in Europe nowadays.

There would be much more to say about the photographer himself, but I believe that the essence of his artistic credo can easily be grasped simply by analyzing his creations: nature, humanity at large and at small, intimate emotions such as love, joy, sorrow, and ultimately life itself can only be seen and understood in color. Or, as Fontana prefers to put it, ”the purpose of art is to make visible the invisible ”.

WHERE: Palazzo Madama, Piazza Castello, Turin

WHEN: from July 13th until October 23rd, 2017; the museum is closed on Tuesdays

HOW MUCH: full €8,00; reduced fee €5,00 for minors under 18 and for people with disabilities; free entry for minors under 6 and for holders of Abbonamento Musei & Torino Card.