2016 Documentary on Robert Doisneau at Cinema Centrale Arthouse Turin
Robert Doisneau, Le baiser de l’Hotel de ville (1950)
Robert Doisneau, Le baiser de l’Hotel de ville (1950)Ro

This summer as always, Turin’s very own (niche) Cinema Centrale Arthouse unrelentlessly keeps on introducing some very interesting pieces of cinematography – in original language. This time, they bring, for the first time here in Italy, a 2016 documentary regarding one of the sacred monsters of photography: Robert Doisneau.

The documentary  – originally entitled Robert Doisneau, le révolté du merveilleux” – was  directed by Clémentine Deroudille, the artist’s own granddaughter, and wishes to acquaint the viewer with some novel (?!) aspects of Doisneau’s life and work. French critics found it a bit redundant and clichè at times, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth seeing it. At least for revisiting, one more time, some of papy‘s insights into the mundane.

Original trailer:

N.B. Screenings, thankfully, in the original French version (for connaisseurs, obviously), with Italian subs.

WHERE: Cinema Centrale Arthouse, via Carlo Alberto 27, Turin

WHEN: daily screenings from July 20th, 2017 until July 26th: 20/07 at 7 pm – 21/07 at 9.15 pm – 22/o7 at 4.45 pm – 23/07 at 7 pm – 24/07 at 7 pm – 25/07 at 9.15 pm – 26/07 at 4.45 pm

HOW MUCH: as part of the “Summer of Love” initiative, tickets at € 5 full price and € 3 reduced fee ( for over 65, under 18, university students under 26, the disabled)

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