Experience Caravaggio at Venaria Reale from March 18th 2017

Art lovers from & about Turin should rejoice: there’s a grand new event coming our way on March 18th, and it’s happening at Venaria Reale, of all places. This original video installation is dedicated to none other than the exceptional Michelangelo Merisi (aka Caravaggio)… I must confess I didn’t not who that was at first, but the title of the installation kind of gave that information out: ”Caravaggio Experience” promises to bring a hint of post-post(?) modernity to the work of the well known painter (to be more pricese, to exactly 57 of his artistic productions).

Caravaggio, Amor vincit omnia (1601-1602, oil on canvas)
Caravaggio, Amor vincit omnia (1601-1602, oil on canvas)

Thus, the unsuspecting visitor will find him/herself being thoroughly ”assaulted” by a complex blend of video projections, music and fragrances, during some 50 something minutes of absolute joy. This unusual display wishes to trace some of Caravaggio’s trademarks, such as the use of light, the propensity for nature in all its shapes and colors, for violent themes and theatricality, while chronologically following the main stages of his life & art (which begs the question: aren’t they the same thing?).

WHERE: Citroniera Juvarriana, Venaria Reale

WHEN: from March 18th until October 1st, 2017

HOW MUCH: full €12, reduced €10 for over 65 and groups of at least 12 people, €6 for 6 to 20 years of age, free admission for children under the age of 6 and for owners of Abbonamento Musei e Torino+Piemonte Card.

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