Palazzo Madama celebrates 10th anniversary on December 16th 2016

If you happen to be circling the city center on December 16th and you’ve got some change in your pockets (1 EURO might just be enough) make sure you make a long stop at Palazzo Madama – that particular Friday Turin celebrates alla grande the museum’s 10th anniversary and also its much-awaited re-opening (yippee!!! full access to the entire museum, no more undergoing works).

The organizers though that the celebration could be made worthwhile by throwing in the equation this awesome 1 EURO entrance fee and prolonged visiting hours, too. The formula worked quite nicely this fall and proved its efficiency in bringing lots of visitors in, therefore the cold days outside and the chance of visiting permanent and temporary collections almost for free seem like a match made in heaven.

If, by chance, there is still one living person in Turin who has not yet seen the quieting and touching “On the front line. Women photojournalist in war zones” Exhibition, you can enjoy it now at the same price -1 EURO.

Keep up with the good Christmas spirit (and make some soul-searching à la Scrooge, if need be and opportunity arises)!

WHERE: Palazzo Madama, Piazza Castello, Torino

WHEN: Friday, December 16th, 2016; prolonged museum opening hours: from 10.00 to 22.00 (the ticket office closes one hour before the official time)

HOW MUCH: 1 EURO for visiting the museum + 1 EURO for visiting the “On the front line. Women photojournalist in war zones” Exhibition at the Medieval Court (even for Abbonamento Musei card holders)

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