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I decided to finally post, like so many others, on one of the things that went viral as of late: the chance to win Heywood Hill’s “Library of a Lifetime Prize” – or, as the official webpage tells it, “the world’s first lifetime literary prize for readers”. Why so exciting? Well, for once, it gives everyone, from everywhere in the world, the chance to receive a hardback book a month from Mayfair’s first-class Heywood Hill Bookshop FOR LIFE & FOR FREE. That is, the winner will get, by post, one newly published and carefully hand-picked hardback book to suit his/her own personal bookish preferences.

Heywood Hill’s “Library of a Lifetime Prize”
Heywood Hill’s “Library of a Lifetime Prize”

Since it got lots of media coverage, one might think it is the ultimate marketing stunt. Still, what it isn’t, these days? In the world of books and not only, there is only a blurred line between what one does for publicity and what it really is marketed as destined to change lives & the world, between the public’s actual demand and what the sellers are pushing forward.

I already finished compiling the online module – you’re required to give your name & email address and to name the book that means the most to you & why-, but there’s still time for whoever missed it – the prize draw closes at midnight on 31 October 2016. If you won’t win, you still have the satisfaction of participating to the compilation of world’s best list of memorable books published since the 1930s until our present days.

More info: The Heywood Hill crew, apart from being more that well suited for selling books in their posh London corner, also specialize in the creation of tailor-made private libraries and in finding rare or out-of print books, to name but a few of their particular brand of services. Oh, the things one finds out on the Internet! (like the fact that there are people out there actually PAYING someone else to choose their books )

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