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Don’t feel like leaving Turin just yet? Well, next time you prepare for boarding your outbound flight, parting ways will be easier, and why not?, more harmonious.

Since October 5th, 2016 Turin’s Caselle Airport made available to all those passing through the keys of a Kawai pianoforte. The gift was inaugurated with an extraordinary concert featuring some of Teatro Regio’s much acclaimed artists and the accords of Puccini’s  timeless “La Boheme”.

"Play me!" Piano at Caselle Airport, Turin
“Play me!” Piano at Caselle Airport, Turin

The instrument, located in the Departures Area beyond the security checkpoints, comes with the added bonus of the impressive view of the flight tracks, seen through the wide bay window, and can be played freely by all the travelers-musicians who wish to improvise a concert while waiting to board their flight or arriving at the airport.

The initiative comes as the prelude to a series of further musical collaborations and surprises that will entertain passengers during the Christmas festivities and not only.

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