For those of you yearning for some hidden corner where peace and quiet hold hands with quality art and the chance for (self)exploration, “Ettore Fico” Museum might just do the trick. It is one of the latest additions to Turin’s (already) long list of art museums, open since 2009 and focusing mainly on international modern and contemporary creators and creations, but featuring interesting incursions into ancient art, too, just from a different perspective than we’re used to.

Wonderful Docks Dora, Turin
Wonderful Docks Dora, Turin

The museum building in itself is a mighty sight to behold: part of a former manufacturing facility, it underwent major renovations in order to enhance natural and artificial lighting, to make each visit the perfect experience. The neighborhood is also one of the most inspiringly reborn city corners – for instance, Docks Dora (another industrial compound given a new life recently), as it is today, with its wealth of historical and architectural heritage, has the potential of becoming Turin’s new cultural pole.

Among the events on their agenda at the present time:

Giovanni Ambrogio Della Torre, Pity with Saints Ambrogio and Girolamo, first half of the XVI century, oil on board, after the cleaning
Giovanni Ambrogio Della Torre, Pity with Saints Ambrogio and Girolamo, after the cleaning
  • BEAUTY WITHOUT TIME – from September 9th until October 2nd, 2016

Featuring a series of interdisciplinary exhibitions, meetings and educational workshops bringing to the MEF the talented crew of the Conservation and Restoration Centre “La Venaria Reale”, specialized in the conservation and restoration of art heritage. An incursion bringing insight into what actually happens long before all art exhibitions (ancient and not only), behind museum curtains.


  • DUSTMUSEUM.ORG – from September 9th until October 2nd, 2016

A collection of almost 100 waste and refuse objects which were re-assembled and given a new life, brought together since the 1970’s by Piero Livio; its purpose is that of giving the items on display “a new identity, a renewed dignity, an opportunity for reflection, almost a moment of eternity”.


WHERE: Museo “Ettore Fico”, Via Francesco Cigna 114, Turin

WHEN: from Wednesday to Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm

HOW MUCH: full price: € 10; reduced fee € 8 for seniors over 65, teachers, Torino Musei Card owners and organizations with special agreements; reduced fee € 5 for people aged 13 to 26 years old; free admission for children under 12, accredited journalists, visitors with disability and carer, Torino+Piemonte Card holders

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