The Turin Eye

Since I mentioned it in a previous post, here are some quick info about the hot-air balloon overflying Turin – aka The Turin Eye:

  • the balloon is anchored, so don’t expect to be floating around like in a Jules Verne novelThe Turin Eye
  • it lifts up to 150m high
  • flights last up to 20 minutes
  • the number of passengers taking the ride may vary, being decided on the spot before each take-off, by the pilot himself, based on weather conditions/wind
  • the weekly schedule of the flights is published each Sunday and may suffer daily updates on the official website (check the “orari di apertura” section)
  • there’s no need to book your departure in advance, except for groups larger than 5 or for exclusive trips
  • if you are not willing to wait in line (the longest takes about 20 mins), you can purchase a “priority boarding” pass allowing you to skip it

WHERE: Piazza Borgo Dora 1, Giardino Cardinale Pellegrino, Turin

WHEN: every day of the week – IF THE WEATHER ALLOWS IT, except Tuesdays

HOW MUCH: under 6 years old go for free; from 6 to 14 years old: € 6,50 from Monday to Friday; € 8 Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays; over 14 years: € 13,50 from Monday to Friday, € 15,50 Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays; priority boarding pass: € 7

When In Turin

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