Centro Interculturale della Città di Torino

If you are an expat looking for a longer stay in Turin (or its surrounding paesi), you might want to learn some proper Italian, since, at times, you life might depend upon it :). The city offers a wide variety of classes, language lessons and options to suit all needs (and pockets), but my post today will concentrate on one of the most amazing intercultural organizations with educational purposes functioning here in Turin right under our noses, and, what’s more, FOR FREE.

Speak ItalianI’m talking about Centro Interculturale della Città di Torino, which offers:

  • a training package entitled “Italiano al Centro”, with training courses aimed at immigrants who wish to improve their knowledge of the Italian language or engage in active citizenship experiences
  • seminars for teachers of Italian L2 who wish to update their expertise in language teaching
  • anthropological approaches, aimed at both young people and adults interested in exploring various issues related to culture & religion and in learning animation techniques in multicultural contexts

As for language learning, their 2016/2017 curriculum includes:

N.B.: Just to reinforce the level of professionalism we’re talking about, a certificate of attendance will be issued upon request. Just visit their offices, I’m sure they will be able to find the right thing for you!

WHERE: Centro Interculturale della Città di Torino, Corso Taranto 160, Turin

WHEN: various dates, depending upon the particular course you’re interested in

HOW MUCH: most of the language courses are for free

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