Salone del Gusto, Turin - September 2016

With September not so far away and the city of Turin finally coming up to life after the hot summer, it is safe to say it is going to be a busy autumn with the many many things launched upon the unsuspecting visitor/tourist prancing the city streets.

In the headlines is the much-awaited Madre Terra Salone del Gusto, held in Turin from September 22nd to September 26th and featuring special events and panels dedicated to preserving the Earth and the natural resources becoming so scarce nowadays, biodiversity and the need to change damaging culinary habits, all under the compelling umbrella of the Slow Food Movement, born here in Piedmont in the 1980’s and turned into an international phenomenon impossibly to ignore, essential for the future on & of (!) the planet.

This year’s edition of the Fair will take us, for the first time in its glorious history, directly to the streets of Turin, happenings such as taste workshops, cooking schools, culinary education lessons dedicated to both young and adult gourmets & gourmands, forums, conferences, exhibits taking place at popular venues such as Valentino Park, along the banks of the river Po, in Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma, Piazzale Valdo Fusi and many other places. Both the palate and the mind will have the opportunity of being thoroughly seduced by the colorful and enticing mix of colors, aromas and textures bringing together sophisticated French Cuisine with spicy Indian recipes, refined Asian delights with earthly Piedmont goodies. Bon appétit!

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