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I have recently found out that CAMERA – THE ITALIAN CENTRE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY (i.e. Centro Italiano per la Fotografia) features until August 14th an exceptional event dedicated to none other than Edward Weston, one of the most innovative and influential artists of his time,  deemed to have changed the way we see modern photography.

Edward Weston, Sand Dunes, Oceano (1936)
Edward Weston, Sand Dunes, Oceano (1936)

The exhibition, curated by Francesco Zanot and entitled “Portraits by Edward Weston and drawings by the American Minimalists” includes important vintage pieces borrowed from the Philip and Rosella Rolla private collection, together with drawings signed by some of the greatest American minimalist artists, such as Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Sol Lewitt, Fred Sandback and Richard Serra.

Edward Weston, Pepper (1930)
Edward Weston, Pepper (1930)

Co-founder of the “f/64 Group” together with Ansel Adams, Weston is mainly famous for his highly detailed studies of natural forms (seashells, peppers, cabbages etc.), landscapes (rock formations, sand dunes), and for his portraits and nudes. His intention was to reproduce, whatever the subject, “the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself…” and “to make the commonplace unusual”. He was at his best when photographing ordinary items and presenting them in unconventional, unexpected ways.

WHERE: CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Via delle Rosine 18, Turin

WHEN: from May 11th to August 14th, 2016

HOW MUCH: admission fee €10; visitors up to 26, over 65 years old and owners of Abbonamento Musei Torino reduced fee €6; children up to 12 years old free admission


It was quite fascinating to dig in some more and to discover the story behind the exhibition per se, that is the story of Philip and Rosella Rolla collection of photography. To my surprise, I found out that sometimes sports do meet art, that racing motorboats could harmoniously blend in with contemporary art, namely with conceptualism and minimalism. The two patrons of arts, who showed an early interest in the works of artists such as Donald Judd, Walter de Maria and Dan Flavin, put their passion into practice and founded, in 2002, the Borgovico33 Cultural Association. Since their collection continued to grow, with the acquisition of both photography and pieces of minimalist art, a museum was opened, in 2010.

More info at Fondazione Rolla

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